Monday, June 30, 2008

another day... what's the number?

Saturday June 28th/ wee hours Sunday the 29th

I stayed in this weekend. Not that the neighborhood isn’t partying all around me…

There are only about 3 residences in this little cluster of houses where I live, but at the next house over there is a rocking party going on. Cars are lining the street. I was tempted to walk down and just join in the fray, but I didn’t. It was good enough for me to sit on the front patio and listen to “Pride/ In the Name of Love” by U2 being sung phonetically by 30 or 40 partygoers followed by a dance mix version of ‘war/ hunh/ good gawd yawl/ what is it good for / absolutely nothing.’ Most everything here is a dance mix. (which usually loses the soul of the original if you ask me.)

For as much as Spain is indifferent toward Americans they really like our music.

There is a huge festival in Benicassim about 30 miles up the coast sometime later this month and it is packed with big U.S. headliners and up-and-comers. Although Leonard Cohen is scheduled to play which I think is very cool but a bit surprising. The festival is called FIB or fiesta in Benicassim. We are hoping to get some kind of free tickets or a day pass or something to see Sigur Ros or My Morning Jacket and the like because one of our local teachers, Veronica, is working as a translator at the festival. On a side note, the other day I was talking to Veronica and she was complaining about her tests in English (for her degree), so I asked to see her material that she was testing over… Robert Frost, Walt Whitman, Ralph Waldo Emerson, T.S. Eliot… ha. I was able to give her a few pointers for poetry interpretation… but I can’t imagine a Spaniard truly understanding Robert Frost or Walt Whitman… maybe that’s why she doesn’t like them. She also wanted me to quiz her on the capitals of all fifty states, which for some reason she is supposed to know. I wasn’t a whole lot of use there. I knew more than I thought I did though.

I talked on the “phone”, on the internet, to a girl back home tonight for about an hour and a half, and on the way back home from the Academy on my bike riding through the narrow city streets and reaching the outskirts of town riding past the fields of orange trees on my way to my house it started to sink in again where I am, how far from home, how different a world, how much a dream I am living, the similarities, the differences. I took this trip as a bit of a leap. It’s funny, when I feel as though I’m leaping I usually feel a hell of a lot better about my decisions than I do when I sit a ruminate on a thing to its bitter end. This jump feels good. Perhaps I’m a bit like an adrenaline junkie, but instead of throwing myself off bridges or out of planes, I throw myself into situations. Somehow it works, and it’s never the same. Not that this has not been a thought out thing, I have been looking in one way or another for quite some time. I’m just glad to be in the air and not on the ground still checking my engines.

Haha. Now I’m getting a bit too self absorbed.

i’m sitting here sweltering even though there is a decent breeze and my bedroom is on the ground floor of this villa and the window is open. Perhaps it’s just the night’s dew condensing on my forehead. Definitely no blankets tonight in bed… maybe a sheet to keep the little flies and mosquitoes that make it through the screen off of me. I guess I should go to bed. It is, after all 2:08 am


ps. it's sunday night now and Spain just won the eurocup...

i think tomorrow will be a national holiday probably

viva Espana.


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