Friday, June 13, 2008

dia uno

Dia Uno:

Today is the first day in Spain.

I arrived in Madrid at around 745 am and had a short layover. The wireless internet, for one reason or another, was not working with my computer in the airport, so no one yet knows that I am here safely, but here I am.

I had good flights all the way to Valencia, and on each flight , by chance , I found myself next to an attractive female.
Dana, from Chicago to Philly , a junior theater major from northwestern in Chicago on her way to be a counselor at a farm/camp for kids in upstate New York.
Thania, from Philly to Madrid, a graduate student from L.A. who is studying Latin American literature on her way to a literature fair in Madrid as a project for a Blog for which she writes
And another from Madrid to Valencia, whose name I can’t remember who is a student at florida state and who was on her way to Valencia one day ahead of her friends and spoke no Spanish whotsoever.

And me , a rambling, soon to be private lessons teacher headed to alquerias to teach English to just who, iam not sure .

I was standing outside the airport after sidling through customs without a sideways glance from anyone after having my passport stamped by an official who seemed to care very little what it said talking to the girl from FSU about what we were going to do. Neither of us knew just where we were going. She had an address to go to. I did not. I had not heard specifically whether there was going to be someone to meet me or if I was to find my own way to a town where I was to be expected by someone I hoped. While we were talking a man came up to us and said something rapidly in Spanish. I did not understand, so I simply apologized and he spotted the accent and asked if the flight from Madrid had arrived. Since I was on the flight from Madrid, I knew that it had. So I told him so, and he asked if we were Americans and I told him that we were. Then he asked if we knew Craig. Which we did. That is how I met Jorge the head of the los naranjos idiomas academy. We hopped in his little red Volkswagen and sped off to the house were I will be living for the next 3 months. I never would have found it on my own. I will post some pictures at a later date. I met Miguel, the Spanish boyfriend of one of the teachers, Katie who is from Australia, Jeff a bilingual American from tampa, and Alex a Spanish native who speaks no English.

I slept for about 4 hours this afternoon when I got here, then got up and took a shower. I heard flamenco guitar coming from downstairs and descended to find Miguel sitting out on the small patio in front of the house playing guitar. While I was sitting and listening an old man came to the gate, which was open, and stood looking in. Miguel noticed him and asked him to come in. he stood with us and listened to the guitar for a bit and then confessed to Miguel that he had heard the guitar from across the orchard and come over (in his house shoes) to see where it was coming from. He took a turn at the guitar or a bit and then he made up a song to some of miguel’s playing and with that he left. Not before thanking us and agreeing to bring some shakers the next time he came.

Katie and jeff came home from the days work, and I sat around for the evening with Jeff, Katie and Miguel and chatted about random things until about now… which it is…. 215am. And time for bed.



Kayla said...

Sounds like you've got a great experience ahead of you, Craig! I hope it turns out to be a life-long good memory for you.

Anonymous said...

Bienvenido cabron. I can't wait to come visit. I am glad you made it safe and it sounds like you are in a cool place. Just learn how to say "Cowboy Up" in espanol and you'll be fine.

Keep on keepin on, and if you see any red head spanish kids running around, tell them that i miss them :)


Anonymous said...

sounds like you are in your perfect element. ;) it's been a long time coming, glad you got there. i'm happy for you. good luck.

Anonymous said...

boring. no, i wish i was there.