Monday, June 23, 2008



Day 12 … I believe.

I am sitting on my bed writing… a bit late tonight. 1:11 am to be exact.
I won’t be posting until tomorrow, but I figure that might be ok.
It is a bit warm in the house this evening and somebody upstairs keeps blowing their nose loudly. We all have our windows open and the sound from the upstairs rooms echoes off the adjacent house and right into my room. The heat and the annoyance and the fact that I went to bed at about dawn this morning all play a role in my wakefulness.

My roommate Katie’s parents have been here for the weekend. Christopher Pritchard and his wife Robin stopped in from northern Queensland Australia to say hello for a few days in between visiting a few clients of theirs who live in this area of the world. Robin, Katie’s 69-year-old mother has a business selling some kind of suit that protects a swimmer against jellyfish stings, which in Australia is evidently quite a problem. They used to have a business in the Seventies and Eighties printing all of the sheet music in Australia for what is now Warner music… but the bottom fell out of the sheet music market somewhere in the late Eighties and they sold out. They now have a very nice beach house in Queensland and travel quite frequently. They are also a heck of a lot of fun. Chris, who is 80, generally wears the light khaki Australian bush shirt and shorts to match. He is quite talkative and eloquent and animated and fired up about telling you pretty much anything you’d like to know about anything. They are originally from Sydney, but Chris, I believe, was born in England. They seem very British to me since they down have the deep down-under accent and they are in the habit of taking either tea or coffee or possibly a glass of port pretty much all day long, and definitely after every meal which is always quite a formal affair. In fact, Rob and Chris (as they call each other) took about 20 minutes to prepare plates and glasses and bowls and spices to have a simple mid-afternoon snack. Whereas, if it were me, I would grab a tomato and a jar of olives and a block of cheese out of the fridge and stand at the counter cutting them up and munching as I went… I might just like their way better. Each meal or tea is an even if you’re just putting it on for yourself. Definitely more about leisure and less about speed.

I went to the beach on Saturday. Jeff had a class down there at a private residence about 10:30 so I tagged along. Turns out the student cancelled so we went to the beach about 11 and stayed til’ about 3. Mmm. I’m not a big ocean swimmer, but I must say the Mediterranean is nice. I swam or played in the water for about an hour and a half while Jeff sat on the shore and tried to make eye contact with every semi-attractive female who walked by. Then I sat on my towel and proceeded to get a bit of sun. I had on sunblock… spf 6 to be exact… and my skin never felt hot or like it was burning… but 4 hours or so in the Mediterranean sun on the beach, well, it got to me. So I have some raccoon eyes from my sunglasses and a bit too much sun in a couple of places which is probably another reason I am a little too warm to sleep.

Last night was a big fiesta in Vila Real (one town over). They had fireworks and people walking around on stilts in gaudy costumes and about a thousand people either dancing or thinking about it. The music was some sort of house beat stuff that they evidently love… and there was some singer who sung Eighties songs in English over a crazy techno beat with lasers keeping time to the music and girls with feathers on and guys with tight white pants and no shirts backing up the singer on stage and dancing… yes indeed. We didn’t even go to the fiesta ‘til midnight and we didn’t go in ‘til 2. We were racing the sun to the house this morning.
We won… but just barely.
I put my room on lockdown when we got in. Shut those shutters tight. And slept ‘til noon.

Today was nice and lazy.

I just got back from town actually about 12:30… today was the first day of the final week of the Fiesta del Segregacio in Alquerias and they postponed the festivities because of soccer. Spain was playing Italy in the Eurocup. There was a truck with a loud-speaker on it driving around town today playing a message that the festivities would be postponed until after the soccer game which made everyone happy. They were all planning on watching the game and were not going to the finale of the fiesta unless it was postponed. The finale was actually pretty cool… some street theater trapeze artists doing acrobatics and aerial stunts. And Spain won. Ole…Ole,Ole,Ole… the score was 0-0 after 90 minutes, 0-0 after 120 minutes, and 0-0 at the end. Since it was an elimination game they went to penalty kicks and Spain won 4-2. I don’t know why I just wrote all that out… you could just watch sportscenter and get that info… I think I’m getting tired now. So, I will say good night.

Good night.



Anonymous said...

put vinegar on your sunburn. you'll smell weird, but it will take the sting right out.

Matt said...

utility, snacks are about, utility