Saturday, June 28, 2008


it seems that i have been here for two and a half weeks.

I must admit, if i were to have to go home today I would feel a bit unfulfilled. Not to say that i have not had a great time thus far and that there have been interesting and different things that i have been a part of and seen, but I'm definitely not fitting in yet. A few people at the grocery store know me, and a waiter down by the beach, and Paco at Paco's... but i want to be more "in" than that. I have no delusions of being treated as a native, none at all, but i hope to be a bit more comfortable moving around here. I'm getting better at it all the time.

My roommate Jeff is gone to London for the weekend which is actually pretty good for me because i have been using him like a crutch for my language shortcomings. Whereas, with him gone, I am more or less forced to get out there and muddle through. Yesterday i went to the Shanghai Bazaar in Burriana which is like the store here where they sell all kinds of thing made in China that are mostly cheap and of questionable if not poor quality... So pretty much they sell the same things as Wal-Mart... without the Sams Choice label. It was pretty interesting trying to speak spanish with a Chinese person who also spoke broken spanish as i was checking out... I bought some things to use on the beach like a towel and one of those little bamboo mats that people sun on and some little goofy things like that.

but now i'm on the phone with somebody back home and i can't focus...

i apologize to all my readers with whom i am not on the phone ...

perhaps i'll talk to you soon


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