Tuesday, June 24, 2008

thirteen; a quick one

When I say the Spanish take their partying seriously, I mean it

Not like at home where “party” means an excuse to be intoxicated or silly.
Here it is more like a good time had by all for the simple fact they enjoy the company.

I went to a the fiesta del San Juan this evening at the beach in Burriana. We pulled up in Katie’s camper van

and randomly happened to spot her friend Jenn from Canada and her husband Nanny (that’s really his name) from Argentina who are street theater artists. They were at the beach for the festival with some friends of a friend and we just jumped right in. I practiced my Spanish and they their English and it was a heck of a good time. The beach was filled with families and friends eating and awaiting the fireworks show which is akin to new years. The festival is an “ out with the old in with the new” kind of ordeal where everyone goes to the beach, lights things that represent the old year on fire and readies themselves for the new season. People jump over the numerous bonfires for good luck and they jump over the crashing Mediterranean waves ( you must jump seven or so just after midnight) for the same reason. I jumped over a fire or two, but I chose not to get wet. When I say everyone… I mean everyone, thousands of small gatherings spread down the beach. People come from miles around to join in the festivities and cook out and have fun with friends within view of the ocean

. Then there is a massive fireworks display much like a New Years day celebration. It is a Spanish incarnation of the Midsummers Eve celebration. The ushering in of a new summer; The end of the cool and wet weather on the longest day of the year. Viva Espana.

I met a fellow named Ernan who spoke pretty good English and he was my unofficial tour guide for the festivities. I wish seriously that I could load up my pictures from my camera…

It’s such a crazy and interesting time here for me.

I miss some things about home, but at the same time I am loving it here…


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