Wednesday, June 25, 2008

ultima dia de un festival en Alquerias

here's Jeff looking like he might have just soiled himself... sitting at paco's on the square

the rest of these pictures are of "la traca" which is a string of fireworks that is strung above the streets circling the town... it starts with three cannon blasts in the square and circles the town and then ends up in the square with three more blasts... a police car leads a parade of kids and adults on bikes and motorbikes trying to outrun the fireworks around the town, of course not everyone can. so the fireworks are booming al around the heads of the runners and riders and everyone is getting burned a bit and it is all wild and crazy and smoke filled and bright and sparkly. nearly the entire town turned out for this one too... here in Alquerias. it was a great time... and i just watched. no running for me. All of the people were standing around showing their scars off after the ordeal, both young and old... most of them with mullets of course and capri pants.

i'm going to pacos to get a bocadilla and watch Germany-Turkey



Kathy Godbold said...

Dear Craig,
It has been a great pleasure to catch up on you through your very well penned writings here! You are quite the writer - taking in all of the sights & sounds around you and then being able to engage my emotional senses as well, as you tell of your day-to-day in your new life there. Your writings easily draw me right into Spain with you! I am praying for you and will continue to, as you are living this new journey in Spain. Love, Kathy Godbold

Anonymous said...

vxtfwViva Fogueres!!!