Thursday, July 3, 2008

the 3rd

tomorrow is the 4th of July right?

it should be interesting to see what happens here... i am not sure but i am going to guess nothing.

It will be the second time that i have been outside the states for the 4th. the first was France way back in 1996 or thereabout... As i recall a friend on the trip went to the top of the Eiffel tower and dropped his pants exposing his American flag boxer shorts and sang the star spangled banner. I don't believe i will be so crass... but seeing how it is a Friday night, I'm sure there will be enough partying to make me think that they are celebrating the 4th anyway.

I have been living in a kind of limbo here waiting for the Academy to schedule some classes for me... but nothing as of yet. they told me July is when i would get my schedule, but if it is anything like the problems the other teachers are having then i might just be waiting around. the other two teachers that live in the house with me have had nearly all of their classes cancelled for the last week, and have only worked about 10 or 12 hours. this might just turn into a free place to stay for the summer... But i could think of worse...

I have been heading out to the beach about any chance i get. i went yesterday for a bit and enjoyed the rising surf for a change. Usually the waves here are between one and two feet tall... not much fun if you want to body surf or just get jostled around a bit. however, for some reason yesterday about 6 they were like 5 and 6 feet tall. it was a blast. they changed the Flag at the Red Cross station to yellow alert and warned people that the undertow could be dangerous. i was a blast though.

This weekend should be interesting. i'm sure i will have some entertaining stories one way or another. Either i am going to a fair on the other side of Vila-Real with my roommate Katie or I will be going down to the chiriguitos by the beach possibly both. They are going to let us have a key to one of the academies that is near to the beach front so that if we stay late and don't want to come home then we have a place to go. that will be nice since these Spanish "nights" last til daylight sometimes.

I could tell you hundreds of stories...

but instead, i think i might go out and live a few more.

More from me soon

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