Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sagunto Sunday

Looking down on the town of Sagunto from the Castle Arse (yeah, that's really the name)

Fishhooks have not changed much in 2000 years... and neither have tweezers. I love artifacts. They give my imagination so much food for thought.

Celts, Iberians, Romans, Moors, Crusaders. everybody added something up here... I'm not sure which is which. I want to go back when i have learned a bit more about what i am looking at

This street was so steep that it has a ladder entrance similar to that found on the side of a swimming pool, and of course a handrail all the way up.

Me in front of the doors to a 14th or 15th century Gothic Cathedral. There is a part of the wall of this cathedral that was a temple to the goddess Diana in this same spot prior to Hannibal's invasion in 219 B.C. It was one of the only things he did not destroy.

*Evidently i was quite tired sunday night when i wrote this because i forgot to post it, but i thought i had done so.

I hope you don't mind. i might write little and put some pictures up tonight. I need to get some things done for my classes this week.

Todays destination was Sagunto. It is a town about 30 minutes by train down the coast that was founded by the Celts/Iberians. It is quite old. The town has been continuously inhabited for about the last 3000 years. The streets are extremely narrow and are paved with stones that are generally square and usually patterned in circles. They twist and turn through the city like footpaths or goat trails, both of which are probably correct. There is some great history in this town. It was besieged by Hannibal for 8 months at the start of the 2nd Punic war, but i won't get into all that.

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