Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday the 28th

Today is a Monday.

Although it doesn't feel like a Monday in the tradition of the negative connotation generally given to the day. I got a lot of sleep this weekend, and i did nothing of consequence. (Other than some serious grocery shopping and cooking.)

Perhaps my mood has something to do with the fact that i know this will be a short week. I leave on Wednesday for Florence, Italy, and I am not taking my computer. So it will be "radio darkness" for blog land from Wednesday to Sunday unless I am able to randomly use some internet at the hostel. I am not entirely comfortable lugging my computer into a hostel and either having to leave it there or carry it around with me all day. I bought a much smaller euro-man-purse for my daily carrying needs, and a computer gets heavy after a while.

I also realized that i am past the halfway point for this hitch... I am closer to coming home than i am to the date of my arrival.

I plan to give you a little more meaty writing to chew on while i am gone, but today, right now, i am hungry.

I'm headed home to make some food. Fresh tomatoes,(courtesy of one of our Spanish teachers) fresh basil (from my plant on the patio), and some fresh mozzarella, baked on a baguette in the oven... I think that will do the trick.

hasta luego

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