Friday, August 22, 2008

A short note


Another week down.

Another room mate gone on Sunday.

Jeff has been packing bags and getting rid of non-essentials today. He is heading back to Florida on Sunday... Madrid Barajas Airport is abuzz right now with camera crews and investigators as a result of the crash this week that killed about 150 people. So flying out of there should be interesting.

I had no classes until 5 today so i just laid low around the house until i had to go to Burriana. Yesterday he and I went to Valencia after our classes so that he could buy some touristy junk for people back home. I guess i should do that. Although i am tempted to try and find some unique things as opposed to the red shirt with the black bull silhouette that says Espana!... Although most people would probably would rather just have the shirt than a Spanish mortar and pestle for their kitchen.

Valencia was cool. It is the first time I have really been there in the daylight. The bustle of a city of 1 million people has its appeals. Although honestly it doesn't feel like a city that big. It looks that big from the window of the train, but it's like any older large city. It was once a collection of smaller villages that just kind of linked up around a central square or harbor. The personality partially reminded me of an East-coast older city. Although the "Older" in Valencia is much older than in the States. It is the type of city where you don't have own a car or even leave a four block radius to get the essentials for the week.

The architecture was very interesting as well. From the stone paved plazas to the enormous towers that used to be part of the city wall... It was nice. I am definitely going to have to go back and do a bit more exploring.

I went in the cathedral there as well. It was awesome. I am always blown away by the size of old cathedrals and the workmanship. I wasn't even going to go in, but Jeff came back out and insisted that i needed to see it. It felt good inside. It was nothing like the touristy Duomo in Florence. It had a very positive "vibe" for lack of a better word. I wandered around for a bit and looked at the vaults and the alcoves and paintings and things... And then i saw what is supposedly the left arm of St. Vincent the Martyr... Yep. Sitting right there in glass and gold case under a really beautiful relief sculpture in alabaster there was an arm. Although if it was his left, then the thumb was on the wrong side, or his fingers were bent backwards.

Supposedly St. Vincent was imprisoned and tortured in all kinds of heinous ways and killed in 304 under the emperor Diocletian. Then they tried to feed him to the vultures but a crow defended him. Then they tried to throw his body in the ocean but it kept coming back to the shore. Eventually an old woman buried him, and somehow parts of his body ended up in Saragossa, Portugal, Valencia, and Paris... I think Martyrs might have had more than one body for all the parts they spread around...

But the fact remains that there is most certainly an arm in a gold and glass box on the back of the church in Valencia.

I haven't uploaded my pictures to the computer yet... and I forgot to bring my camera cord to the office with me.

So pictures will be forthcoming.

But you can click here if you want to see the arm.


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