Sunday, January 11, 2009

Blog Redux

Well, It has been a while...

I am sitting in my "apartment" in California writing a little bit just to be doing. It is about 9:42 here on a Saturday the 9th of January, and i am working again... this time it is at Diablo canyon Nuclear power plant.

The weather here in California is unbelievable this time of year. It was in the 70's today and it was sunny and clear and really nice. I miss winter... a little... One season makes me appreciate the others, but it seems like i have skipped winter this year. It does get foggy here and it gets rainy and maybe a little windy, but in all actuality, i don't think it really counts as winter.

There are tons of things that i could write, but work for the most part is nothing to write home about. It is mostly drudgery intermixed with a good yarn here and there from the people that i work with. There have definitely been some good ones... some of them true.

Perhaps that is the direction that i should go with this, telling the stories of the men that i work with for all to hear.

I Promise that i will tell more about where i am and what i am doing before this is over with but this is just a little post to get me warmed back up to the idea of sharing some of what is going on with me these days.

I'll throw in a picture or two just to liven things up

I'll talk to you soon

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