Sunday, March 22, 2009

On the Blog again...

Lame title, I know...

I have been away for quite some time now

Away from home and away from the blog.

I am still in California working at Diablo Canyon. We are supposed to be wrapping this job up pretty soon, but as of today we are still not finished. I am slated to be here until there are less than 50 people on site which should translate to somewhere around April the 3rd.

As for today… I have been sitting in the office for about 10 hours now. And I am going to be here for about 2 more. As long as there are people on site we are supposed to maintain 24hr coverage. So I am sitting and reading Small House blogs and chasing interesting rabbits around the internet. I am here for support and documenting any possible safety related event that might occur. Which means everyone on site is striving to make sure that I have nothing to do. And thus far, they are doing a good job of it.

I am getting to the point where I am just ready to leave, not just today but for good. The real reason that I don’t like to have a “real” job is that I don’t like to see the inside of the same place and do the exact same thing every day. I like change and opportunities for creativity. This job has ventured into the realms of drudgery…

For a while I was able to see outside the fences. I held my head up as I was walking in to work. I caught a whiff of the fresh breeze blowing in off of the water or of the earthy wind that came down out of the canyons as the temperature changed and I was able to transcend this reality. Yet as the job has progressed and the level of urgency has risen with every completed evolution; this place is literally humming with anticipation of completion. People are focused on leaving and getting out of here; and yet the job is not finished, and I am still here.

But I am still trying. I am trying to remember that this is a good place to be. The weather has been unbelievably nice. Well, except for today. It poured rain for the first 5 hours of the day (I woke up at 3.) and then it slacked off and cleared up leaving the world feeling fresh and clean and about 25 degrees cooler. There is a brisk wind blowing around the eaves of the building that I am in causing a “Wrooowh…nrwooowh” sound. The wind threatens to tear your hat off or the papers from your hands every time you walk out the door.

Did I ever tell you that there are hundreds of sheep and goats on the hills in the meadows bordering the plant? Yep. They turned them loose in here about 2 or 3 weeks ago when the grass started getting a little high. It is the way that the plant controls the weeds and grass on the hillside. Otherwise they would have to figure out a way to control the growth of the grass on a 30% grade. Rather than pave it or invent a crazy technological mower (which is more what I would expect from a nuke plant) they went old school and bought some sheep and goats. You can hear them making sheep and goat noises if you walk behind the turbine building. There are tons of little ones jumping around and acting like they should. Maybe I should go back and watch them for a while.

This is getting a little long. I think I might hunt up some pictures to post just for fun.

Thanks for stopping by…

But mostly, Stay classy.


The plant as seen from a cliff out on the edge of the water.

A generator lying on the floor in the reactor building waiting to be picked up.

The reactor cavity. (No the blue glow is not radiation.)