Sunday, November 22, 2009

Freakin' New Orleans

Well, my intentions of posting regularly will be even harder to fulfill than before...

Last night around 6, I arrived at the "Camp" where I have been staying here outside of New Orleans to find the inner door to the house standing open. I went inside and found all of the doors in the house standing open... "Strange..." I thought to myself. I put my bag on the kitchen counter and got a drink of grapefruit juice out of the refrigerator. I swigged it straight out of the bottle. No one else drinks my juice, so why not? I opened the door to my room and turned on the light. I immediately noticed that there was a stack of t-shirts on the table where i keep my folded clothes that was out of place. it was on the "pants" stack. Hm. "Someone has been in my room," I thought. then my brain started processing info that was coming in. All the doors open... misplaced clothes... the drawers were slightly askew on the bedside table. The extension cord that i plug my computer charger into was pulled out from behind the bedside computer charger... was not there. Come to think of it, neither was my computer... nor the new Macbook Pro that was still in the box under my bed...

So i walked in all the other rooms in the house since the doors were open, and i noticed that there was also a flat screen tv gone from the master bedroom... mmhmm.

Robbed, Burglarized.

I called the owner of the house to see if he had been there. Nope. I told him what was missing. By this time i was feeling my blood pressure start to rise. I took a weapon in hand and checked the periphery of the house. nothing. The back door that opens onto the porch which overlooks the canal was slightly ajar... but that was all.

I called the police and gave them my address.

The St. Charles Parish Sherrif's department arrived around 7:30 and took down a report of the items that were missing and the supposed entry location. i called all my room mates to come home and see if they were missing anything. Nope. Just my laptops and the tv. Elias even had a laptop just sitting in his closet on a shelf. Untouched. Daniel had been there til' about 1. Kevin had been on the back porch around 8:30 am and seen some strange looking folks in a boat who asked him for directions... and they are our only probable suspects. Not that it amounts to anything.

I recall not being able to imagine anyone being crass enough to drove down a grown up road, across the canal on a rickety bridge to a run down house at the end of a dead end driveway. Yet, on the water possibilities of escape are endless.

So my super cheap lodging close to the work site has proven to be quite costly after all.

I just felt like venting a bit. Thanks for reading.

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