Friday, April 29, 2011

Media res

This is me

Marking time.

Here we begin "in media res" (if you don't know what that means... then you didn't listen in your World Lit class)

I am sitting at a computer at 0455 in the morning...


Waiting for the next shift to get here. Waiting for sunday to get here. Waiting for next week to get here...

When next week gets here I will hopefully be loaded up, packed up, and headed back to Arkansas for a spell. You see, i have recently become a land owner...yes that is correct...I will be a transient with a home base. A place for my stones to gather some moss before rolling on again.

I am going home to Arkansas in about a week to play around and enjoy some of the month of May. It looks like that i will bee working down in the New Orleans area on and off for the next couple of years if I do what they want me to...

Whenever someone starts trying to pin me down, I get antsy. All of a sudden i want very badly to quit my job. I know its no fun to not have money... but i sure prefer the ideal of freedom to the reality of servitude... perhaps i need to get out of the game and channel my inner non-conformist idealist for a while... spend a little time with my feet int he water and my hands in the dirt rather than with my butt in an office chair and my eyes fixed firmly on the carrot that is dangling in front of me that smells like greenbacks.

I'd say 75% of the people here think that they would like to have my job, and perhaps they would... Does that make me want to fight to keep it?

not really


Sorry friends. When I was returning from getting coffee and I noticed the sign for the "Break Room" (from which i stole the insignia at the top of this post) I was inspired to share it... and i was thinking about writing something light and informative for those of you who are kind enough to check up on me occasionally, but the inside comes out... and i guess i'm not content.

Yet, come to think of it, if i were content, i would be a bit worried.

The story is this:

I am done working in Louisiana for the time being.
I have purchased 75 acres of land in Arkansas just adjacent to Big Piney Creek and bordering Mill creek. On this land there are 2 barns and 4 ponds and a small creek.
I am going to Arkansas in a week to tear down a 40x50 barn that was built in 1918 which is made of Oak and is located 120 miles from my house with hopes of turning that reclaimed lumber into a home sometime in the near future.
If you live in Arkansas come see me. Hell, if you live anywhere come see me, I will give you food, drink, and a place to stay.

I must go. the next shift is about to arrive.


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